About us


EWB-Asia is a Singapore-based non-profit organisation that empowers disadvantaged communities by improving their quality of life through sustainable engineering solutions.


A world where everyone is able to lead lives of dignity and opportunity through improved engineering capacity at the local community level.


  • To partner local organisations and/or institutions that work directly with marginalised communities to resolve barriers to development through appropriate sustainable engineering solutions
  • To empower the communities we work in to lead independent lives with increased access to opportunities
  • To be the go-to organisation to provide appropriate engineering aid
  • To cultivate a pool of engineers who are aware of the challenges facing disadvantaged communities, knowledgeable about technical solutions and experienced in the practical aspects of their implementation

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Development partners are at the core of our work. These are the community-based organisations that work close to the ground, directly with disadvantaged and marginalised communities, to address key concerns such as poverty alleviation, access to resources and opportunities, and community development. EWB-Asia supports our development partners through volunteer engineers, who contribute their skills while gaining invaluable experience in humanitarian engineering and development work.

Meet our current local project partners and international development partners

If your NGO/VWO would like to partner us, get in touch with us at local_program@ewb-asia.sg for Singapore-based partnerships or international_program@ewb-asia.sg for international partnerships

Corporate partners are vital in helping EWB-Asia sustain its operations and enables EWB-Asia to achieve its long-term goals. They not only believe in the cause of community development through humanitarian engineering but also truly reflect passion and enthusiasm for social, economic and environmental sustainability. Corporate partners are a key to EWB-Asia’s success and provide important support for EWB-Asia’s projects and endeavours. They also serve as the voice of the corporate community, promoting significant causes in an impactful way.

Meet our current corporate partners

If your company is interested to sponsor part of our work, get in touch with us at partnerships@ewb-asia.sg