The Executive Committee

Hannah Leong

Trained as a sustainable energy engineer, Hannah worked in Laos for 2 years where she was inspired to return home and start Engineers Without Borders Asia. When she is not thinking about how engineers can make the world a better place, you can find her on her bicycle, or in the woods, or exploring new lands, or all of the above at the same time.


Jang Leong Chia (LJ)

Born in Europe, raised in Singapore, educated in Australia & USA, worked in Asia and the Middle East; LJ feels the need to be a responsible global citizen and work on social and environmental injustice, and thinks that engineers can help to bridge the gap between science and society.


Melisa Tan

An experienced grant administrator with strong understanding of the Charity sector in Singapore, Melisa enjoys challenges, innovative ideas and always ready to push boundaries in pursuit of fulfilment in life. Encouraged by the work of VWOs, whom she worked with in the last few years, she hopes to support non-profit organisations with her knowledge on grant administration/ management.


Yeap Pei Lee
Local programmes coordinator

Pei Lee is currently working as a project manager in the banking industry. In the last few years, she has also been volunteering actively with several non profit organisations/ social enterprises. Pei Lee hopes to leverage on these experiences and skillsets to build a strong foundation for the local programmes portfolio. On a lighter note, Pei Lee likes nature, traveling and unconventional things. She also has a special place in her heart for physically disabled youth.


Ron Loh
Volunteer coordinator

Ron believes that there is always something to be learnt from anyone anywhere and he hopes to do the same from his experience and with the people he meets in EWB-Asia. Trained as an electrical engineer, Ron is currently working as a project manager in the government sector. He has recently caught the trekking bug and it’s been a great motivation to exercise regularly.


Ivan Sim
Events coordinator

Ivan is a mechanical engineer by training, a design engineer by occupation and a volunteer by choice. He joined EWB-Asia because he believes in Humanitarian Engineering, with hopes that he can play a part in bringing Engineering to places that need it. In his spare time, he may be found playing games, engaging in sports or quietly reading.


Nitish Khanna
Marketing communications

Nitish is currently working as a marketing manager in the consumer goods industry. Passionate about volunteering, he hopes to leverage on his personal and professional skills he hopes to help improve the quality of life for the people in need. Separately, he is also a history junkie who loves sports, outdoors and socializing. Reach out to him anytime you want to reflect on the past though he might not be too bad talking about the future.


Simon Fauvel
Keynote event chair

Simon is a Canadian engineer passionate about social justice and the role that engineers can play in solving some of the world’s most complex social problems. Before moving to Singapore, he was involved with EWB Canada for over 5 years, in a variety of local and national roles. When he is not working/ volunteering/ sleeping, you can usually find him experimenting in the kitchen, enjoying the outdoors, and exploring new places. He loves a good conversation about politics, new tech, and the latest trade by the Habs, the ice hockey team from his hometown.


Chan Yi Meng
NUS Chapter President

Yi Meng is currently studying in National University of Singapore and is a part of EWB-Asia Student Chapter. He believes that students are filled with creativity and passion, and these can be channelled to create innovative solutions. In his free time, he enjoys gardening and playing games.

Meet the rest of the teams
EXCO committees Keynote Event organising committee Local project: AWWA Hack-a-Toy Local project: SPD Killswitch Local project: CPAS Science Experiments Local project: IDA Lab-on-Wheels Local project: AWWA Flag Raising
Angeline Teh, Accounts Manager Nadiah Nanni, Event Co-chair Christopher Hwang, Project manager Thor Jia Wei, Project Manager Carolyn Fu, Project Manager Aaron Yeo, Project Manager Clement Lo, Project Manager
Melisa Tan, Accounts Assistant Amanda Chng Seetoh Hoong Kwai Mohammad Khdeir Namrata Bhandarkar Christopher Hwang Tan Jia Hui
Nor Lastrina Hamid, Assistant Secretary Belen Amiano Dennis Kwa Gan Hao Yi Lee Tong Saurabh Bhandari Aarthi Devarajan
Christine Chan, Human Resource How Xing Quan Tan Yan Hao Saurabh Bhandari Zheng Junyi Govind Mukundan Soon Ren Jun
Chew San Lee, Corporate partnerships Eunice Tan Hui Sian Terence Chua Ng Wenjie Ashwin Suguna Balan
Ray Quek, Grants management Nikita Mehta Yee Qing Xiang
Wong Kee Min
Chin Hui Han
Ching Hui Qi

Our Board of Directors

Johann Annuar
Board co-chair


Johann is currently Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders) Hong Kong’s peer representative for Singapore and also sits on its Board. He founded and ran a videography company, an IT company, and started a social enterprise consultancy. An avid cyclist who knows no boundaries and cycled from Turkey to New Zealand over 18 months.


Alan Koh
Board member


Frank and decisive, Alan is quick to see illogical and inefficient procedures and policies, develop and implement comprehensive systems to solve organizational problems. A mechanical engineer by training, he enjoys expanding his knowledge and passing it on to others.


Titan Zhuang


Trained as a chemical engineer, Titan has strong fundamentals in the energy sector and focuses in the water treatment industry. His high energy level is expressed in his participation in marathons.